Luxury Hand Soap - Glass ( 5 Variants Available)

  • $38.00

New Luxury Hand Soap Range - Sue Symes Collaboration

Add a touch of elegance in your home or professional washroom. 

Featuring unique blend of uplifting essential oils giving a wonderful fragrance. The non-drying hand soaps deliver the sense of well-being. We use only the best ingredients to ensure a top quality product that is environmentally friendly. 

Renowned Marlborough based artist Sue Syme shares our delight (and belief in) the natural world. Her delicate attention to detail is something we strive for in our products too.

We are privileged to have her artwork gracing the labels.

We believe in all aspects of life we are bombarded with advertising. We have removed all advertising from the front of our products, all advertising and writing is tucked around the back, allowing you to display a fine piece of NZ art on your bench top.